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Benefits of ISO registration
1. Adoption of ISO standards can open doors to new clients.
2. Cements relationships with existing clients and helps to ward off competition.
3. Problems are identified at an early stage, avoiding the cost of reworking.
4. Less wastage because of feedback from the office/shop floor.
5. Greater customer satisfaction – their need clearly identified and acted upon.
6. External monitoring of quality control will increase confidence in your company.
7. Quality control can become part of the companies basic marketing strategy.
8. Quality control will provide an edge over competitors.
9. The ISO symbol of quality is proof of formal recognition of competence and expertise to a purchaser.
10. Adoption of ISO standards will often satisfy customers requirements without additional assessments.
11. The workforce will be more committed through greater involvement.
12. Employees will have an increased sense of pride in themselves and the company. This is a useful aid when seeking new employees.